hihihi! Here's a list of things you should avoid doing.

1. Avoid constantly touching your face.
2. Don't bite your nails.
3. Try not to care what others think.
4. Stop trying to impress.
5. Don't procrastinate (this one's kinda impossible)
6. Don't not like Taylor Swift.
7. Stop saying you're not beautiful.
8. Avoid checking the views on your story.
9. Don't delete posts because they don't have many likes.
10. Stop feeling embarrassed about things you like.
11. Try not to take a video every time something funny or cool happens, just live in the moment,
12. Avoid comparing yourself to someone else.
13.Stop thinking 13 is superstitious, it's the best number.
14. Don't think that loving yourself is stuck up.
15. Stop sleeping with old makeup on.
16. Don't avoid selfcare.
17. Try not to forgive people who have hurt you.
18. Stop being someone you're not.
19. Try not to regret the past! I literally still obsess over some idiotic things I did when I was in fourth grade, which is just stupid.
20. Don't keep lending someone money if they never pay you back. One of my friends owes me $20 from something I got her the other day, plus other money that she's never paid me back for. Just don't give someone something if they won't pay you back.