yeah, i have an odd squad


beauty, body, and curly hair image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image yellow, quotes, and vibes image
activist - straight - pink hair - kind - the elder - hufflepuff


Image by Anita art, sunflower, and van gogh image alternative, grunge, and vintage image astronomy, constellation, and stars image
indie - asexual - agender - van gogh - astronomy - ravenclaw


Image removed Temporarily removed coffee, drink, and aesthetic image rose, flowers, and wallpaper image
disney addicted - straight - romantic - silly - dramatic - ravenclaw


Temporarily removed clothing, fashion, and girls image gold, necklace, and rose image ocean, sky, and aesthetic image
gorgeous - pansexual - beach lover - lazy - sassy babe - slytherin


beautiful, brave, and feminism image book, coffee, and autumn image curly, d, and hair image art, orange, and paint image
artist - straight - dancer - bookworm - flowers - gryffindor


lip gloss, makeup, and vogue image alternative, damn, and quotes image cat, quotes, and cry image Temporarily removed
red lipstick - bisexual - girl boss - intense - emotionaly fragile - slytherin


pink, aesthetic, and heart image Temporarily removed cat, cute, and animal image love, quotes, and I Love You image
a care bear - straight - girly - singer - honest - gryffindor