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I really try to be more active here (by active I mean writing more articles). I have decided that I would make some sort of diary-ish mood board articles (basically describing my day/week/weekend instead of writing). I will summarize on the days that I think may be confusing.


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Also, I meant to publish this article last week but I got lazy

Friday, Nov 9

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Woke up with a sore throat but it didn't stop me from being "happy" at work. I work as a school photographer. Also, my boss made us both lunch. When I came home, I basically made myself 4 cups of lemon/honey tea.

Saturday, November 10

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My throat felt worst. I also felt like if relapse into my bad thoughts. Woke up and the streets were covered in snow. I met my buddy at the mall and we usually go back to his house. I took a phat nap.

Sunday, November 11

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Watched so much Netflix (Suits, Dysnaty, Black Lightning). Best friend called me cause she was crying (her bf left for the army training and she was missing him). Made spaghetti and meatballs that lasted 3 days

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Don't forget to always give credit, stay hydrated, send positivity, and stay weird 💖
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