Hi, head up! This is not supposed to be negative article. Take it positive, please :)

1. Stuck in the past

Thinking about the past when you already living somewhere else it's like wishing you want to get back. And you will. Unless you stop thinking about it. Get over it. Find your reasons why be happy and grateful about the present. Learn from your past but do not let it to make your future.

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2. Focusing on other's people life too much

Do you care too much about others? Do you think often about others people lives? Do you know that they have their time and you have yours? Don't let anyone not important for you to take your energy. Make your inner circle small and precious. And also avoid gossiping. Why you should care about that?

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3. Assuming the worst in the Future

Do you feel the anxiety and fear literally about everything when it comes to some moments in your life? Do you always create a picture of big disaster? About every little thing? Just let that go. There's no reasons to bad things to happened unless you will attract some negative energy with this negative thinking in your life. It's not a big deal. Just breathe and focus on something positive. Everytime you will feel negative about something to happened, remind yourself that is just your illusion, everything is going to be okay.

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4. Being afraid to even try

Do you avoid doing some things or just trying something new because you are scared? Scared that you might fail? Everything has to happened for the first time, no one is perfect and you can always try. It's better to do things and learn from mistakes than being scared and do nothing.

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5. Being negative about everything

You can't have positive life if you have negative thoughts. If you are looking always at the worst about everything, stop yourself and be thankful for the positive things. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Focus on what's good and enjoy it. Don't kill your good vibes.

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6. Comparing yourself to other people

We are all human. Some people live their lives differently. You can't compare your success to someone else's success. Life will brings us many lessons and many people are dealing with them differently. Life your life, do everything you want to do and don't focus on others.

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7. Putting yourself down to self-pity

Life can be cruel sometimes. But we have to move on. Don't get stuck just because you are sorry for yourself. Work harder. It's good to have a rest sometimes but don't get use to it. Be brave and be your own hero.

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8. Not being responsible for yourself

It's your life and your decisions. Don't let anyone to tell you what to do but do it by yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and find your way.

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9. Ego beats self-reflection

Everyone has a ego. Little bit. But it's our choice if we let it grow bigger and bigger to make us more blind. Don' live in this illusion. Be kind, be empathetic.

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10. Emotional vampires

Get rid of all blood-suckers until they will destroy us. Sometime we meet people that are not good for us. If you don't feel good with someone, just don' spend your time with him/her. Find your people with great energy and enjoy they company.

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11. Overthinking

It starts with small happy thoughts and it ends with depression. Avoid overthinking and you will be much happier.

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12. Blaming yourself

Forgive yourself. Don't push on yourself just because some things got wrong. You have your lessons, deal with them a be thankful for yourself that you have done your best.

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Thank you guys for reading my article.Wish you the best, think positive and positive things will happen. :)