With the guy, that mess you.
That with just look you through your eyes brings to you a million feelings,
That each time you see him get closer, he puts you nervous,
That with the simple touch of his fingers over your skin unleash, not just the butterflies but all the zoo that's hide in your stomach.

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Or with that guy, that calms you.
That with just hug you dissolves the most agitated fear and thought,
That when you talk with him you feel that you are talking with a friend that you've know all your life,
That with just one look, which can be the deepest one you've ever felt, he can transmite you all the peace and protection that you desire and that he gives you.

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But i don't know, so that's why i ask
Who are you truly in love with?
The guy that unleash the storm?
Or the one that gives you the calm?

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