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"new face" routine
1. remove all oils and makeup with makeup remover (witch hazel and/or coconut oil)
2. shave/wax face
3. wash face with gentle cleanser (twice) and exfoliator
4. steam face with boiled water in a bowl
5. use hydrating serum and/or hydrating face mask
6. use moisturizer
7. use any night cream or eye cream

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"fresh body" routine
1. get in the shower
2. exfoliate
3. use body wash
4. use feminine wash
5. shave
6. dry body with towel by patting
7. use calming moisturizer (aka lavender scented)
8. use a light fragrance/perfume

Temporarily removed

restored hair routine
1. brush through hair
2. apply oil (hot oil mask) the night before or 20 minutes before
3. go in shower and rinse hair
4. use scalp hydrating shampoo
5. use hair mask
6. put up hair and wash body
7. rinse and dry hair
8. spray in heat protectant
9. straighten/let dry
10. put in hydrating oil

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bathing routine
1. wash face
2. bring towels and essences
3. turn on anti humidifier
4. rinse in shower
5. fill bath
6. put in essences and face mask
7. drain and put on towel
8. clean bathroom
9. put on clean pjs