He stared at his girlfriend in absolute disbelief, "You've got to be kidding me."

"Ryan," Carrie sighed sadly from across the small table, "Trust me, I didn't ask for this. I mean I love you but... I just love him more."

"So this is it?" Ryan asked quietly, afraid to hear the words that escaped his own lips.

The lavender-haired girl nodded slowly and stood. She stepped around the table to stand next to him before bending slightly to place her lips to his ear, "Good bye."

With that and a lingering kiss to his stubbled cheek, Carrie turned on her heel and walked out of the small café. She left without a glance back at the boy who whose heart was broken and shattered. Ryan silently stared after her in shock. He made no move to try to talk some sense into her or fight for her. He was utterly frozen in place; if breathing wasn't subconscious and involuntary, he would've died right there.

"Hello Jack!" a melodic voice laughed. Ryan must have been in a deep trance because he didn't notice there was suddenly a gorgeous redhead standing exactly where he was staring until she spoke, "Please and thank you!"

Her laughter was sweet and subtle just like her voice when she was speaking. She walked right into one of the few midnight cafes in London without a single glance in his direction. Long strides were used to carry her lean body to the counter to take a seat in one of the tall stools; specifically, the last stool towards the back of the little café.

Her curly ginger locks brushed her shoulders as she effortlessly struck up a conversation with the lad busy behind the counter, Jack. Ryan took this time to... Observe her since she suddenly grabbed his undivided attention without his permission and her own knowledge.

She wore a dark grey long-sleeved sweater that she just slipped off her shoulders to reveal a loose-fitting plain white v-neck t-shirt. Dark wash demin clung to her lower half and was tucked into a pair of black Doc Marten boots that have definitely seen better days. Ryan's light brown eyes travelled back up to her freckled face and he finally noticed the shiny glint of metal peeking out of her nose that suggested there was a septum piercing there.

She laughed once again but this time her head tipped back slightly while she slapped a pale hand over plump, pink lips to muffle the sound. The lonely, heartbroken lad couldn't help but think that midnight wasn't a time for laughing, not since Carrie said good bye. But he continued to watch her, without even trying to be subtle, as the girl struggled to stop filling the café with her wind chime-like giggles. She glanced to her left, her hand still failing at its current job, before turning to her right, locking eyes with Ryan and promptly taking his breath away.

He had never seen a pair of eyes quite like hers. A slightly bluish-green fitted the edge of her iris and reminded him of a place he couldn't fully remember at the moment. Moving towards her pupil, bluish-green melted into a bright honey that almost glowed. As cliché as it sounds, Ryan admitted to himself that he would love to stare into her eyes simply because they made him forget the rest of the world.

She was the one to break the eye contact and effectively bringing him back into his world flipped upside down by heartache. Ryan stared down at his hands, thinking, "I need to get out of here."

Hands braced on the table to stand, Ryan paused for a second before relaxing again as stared at the girl from the counter who had slipped into the seat across from him in the last second, "You okay?"

The question was sincere as Ryan could clearly see the genuine concern in her gorgeous, freckled face. However, he didn't have an answer to her simple question. His shoulders conveyed a sad, defeated shrug before he slowly rose from his seat, "Stay? For a bit longer at least? I'll pay for anything you want."

Ryan stared down at the complete stranger, her eyes pleading. His lips parted to speak but nothing came out. He didn't have the answer to that question either, "Or we can get out of here. Head back to my place to hang and maybe watch a couple of movies? Something tells me you don't wanna go back to yours."

He wasn't surprised that he gave off that vibe; his flat that he shared with Carrie would just remind him of her and how she's in the arms of another man. Returning his attention to the hopeful eyes of the girl before him, he nodded slowly. Her lips formed a small grin but her eyes shined so much brighter, "Come on then. Midnight doesn't last forever."

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Not the girlfriend!

This is a little bit I wrote after listening to Irresistible by One Direction. Originally, the story was written with Zayn and Perrie in mind because it was written shortly after they separated. But I changed the names because I didn't want the focus to be on Zayn/One Direction. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!