There's this boy.

I know he's bad. but damn, why does he have to look so good?
He always wears black, but that damned smirk lights up the hole room. And his eyes, those chocolate brown eyes who make me melt everytime they look at me, or wink at me. I swear I'm so close to insanity.
And his body… The muscular back that make me wanna hug him from behind… Gosh he's so goodlooking, I'm so grateful I'm not blind.
And when he holds me, when he tightens his muscular arms around me, i don't want him to let go, I´m starting to fall in love and I'm not sure he'll ever know.
He tells me he's no good, that his soul is way to dark, but what can I do if when he's not around it seem like im going to starve?
I'm in love with the bad boy with golden hair, I want him so much that it's not fair.