I really do think that the people who have never been in love are lucky because they also don’t know the feeling of heartbreak. it could take months, years, an eternity even, to put this feeling at ease.. but it never goes away.
what makes them so perfect?
he constantly looks at other girls,
wishing they were his.
he knows you see him but he pretends
that you're not in his vision.
what makes them so perfect?
what do they have that you don't?
maybe it's their face, their bodies, their hair?
maybe it's the way they pretend to care.
but how could he build you up just to leave you for one of them?
how could he tell you-you're beautiful and amazing- but ugly and worthless in the same breathe.
To my first love,
you still leave me lying awake at night balling my eyes out. you still are the reason I can't listen to certain songs or go to the places we used to go with anyone else and you’ll always be the reason I can't open up or trust any other boy. it’s been 2 years, and I miss you and hate you all at once.