do you ever just cry for no reason at all? you just cry and cry until you can feel your heartbeat under your skin. you can feel the blood rushing to your head as you slam yourself down onto your pillow crying about who knows what, screaming even. sometimes you cry because you want attention even if you don't know it. your body & mind say no but your heart says please, someone love me again. it's human instinct to cry when upset about something and sometimes your soul knows when you're upset even if you don't believe you are. sometimes you cry bc you're afraid. afraid of losing something or someone. afraid of things going back to how they were or never being able to reach that state again, afraid of being forgotten. sometimes you cry because you're lonely. he doesn't seem to notice you anymore, he never looks at you with that twinkle in his eye like he used to and when he does it's at your body, not you. sometimes you cry bc you're hurt, hurt that he chose her over you, hurt that he never really cared, hurt that he never really loved you like he said he did. sometimes you just .. cry.