We had been together numerous times before.
Usually we would be hanging out innocently.
There would be movies watched, games played, music felt, and then things took a turn for something more intimate.
But even with naked skin melting into naked skin there were giggles still filling the air along with the moans.

That night was different though.
We were just lying in bed, a tangled mess of naked limbs, underneath a slow swirling ceiling fan in dimness of the street light.
Music was playing faintly where you could hear the lyrics clearly if you listened hard enough.
Other than that, only the muted sounds of the city filled the room.

Suddenly, he turned to me and a second later I turned to him.
His soft lips parted slowly as he took a breath before he spoke:
"I wanna stay up all night and do you like a drug.
Fall asleep in the sunrise.
Exhausted by your buzz.
Hear the city waking and the little birds stir."

I said nothing as the words in his deep voice twirled in my head.
He slid closer. Close enough for me to feel his breath ghost over my lips.
"But first open up a window. Let the night in."

My face contorted slightly in confusion as I untangled myself from him and stood.
I crossed the room slowly, glancing over my shoulder once to softly ask "Why?"
I proceeded to slide the window open.
The sounds of the city became sharper.

Soft lips brushed against the equally soft flesh of my neck as a strong arm wrapped around my middle. The curtains began to come alive and flutter at our sides as he whispered:
"There's a warm wind."

This is a little bit I wrote after listening to the song Open Up A Window by Sean Hayes. I hope you enjoy it!