So here is this thing
I wanted to get off my chest

I don't think I'll ever fall in love,
not again
Not the way I did back then

I'm scared, and the idea of spending your entire life with someone frightens me more than dying to be honest.

But I'm also dying for love and jealous at all those who've found someone to love, even if it's temporary
They'll go through heartbreak
but I'm just breaking my own heart by avoiding love

I over analyse everyone until there is no chance anymore,
no chance for me to fall in love with them

I'm not open for love, feels like I'm not ready.
Feels like I'll never be ready.

Scared to love someone
Frightened to be alone for the rest of my life

Scared that I'll lose the one I love
Scared to lose the one I might love
Scared that I've already lost the only one I'll ever love

Maybe my heart is frozen