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The original challenge:

1. What's your zodiac sign?

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Sagittarius, though Pisces is my moon sign~

2. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

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Honestly I didn't even want to choose, but if I had to pick just one place, I would probably choose Italy. There's just so much history and culture there, I could probably spend years trying to learn all of it.

3. Which Celebrity Do You Look Up To?

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Emma Watson. She's an incredibly smart woman who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes and what she wants, and I find that very admirable about her.

4. What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Chocolate- my sweet tooth is out of control, and if I'm wasn't careful all I'd end up eating is chocolate.

5. Are You A Mountain Or A Sea Person?

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As someone who's lived by both, this is a very difficult thing to choose. I feel living on the sea or in the mountains can have incredible affects on a person's creativity, and if I could I would want to live by both. However, if I had to choose, my heart would pull more towards the mountains.

6. Which Song Always Cheers You Up?

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Serendipity - Park Jimin of BTS.

7. Is There A Fantasy World You Would Like To Live In, if so, Which One?

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There are so many, it's hard to choose just one. My brain quickly jumps to Narnia, if I had to be honest, because it's a world that was created to fill children with wonder- so it would be an amazing place to live I believe.

8. What's Your Lucky Number?

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Number 5.

9. If You Could Choose One Element for Bending, What Would It Be?

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It's honestly hard to choose between water or fire, but I would probably choose water for it's healing properties.

10. What Is One Thing You Can't Live Without?

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Youtube, as cheesy as that sounds. It's something I use to distract myself from bad thoughts, and it's what puts me to sleep at night when my brain doesnt want to.

11. What's Your Favorite Sad Song(s)?

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Innocent Love - ASTRO, Paris - The Chainsmokers, Honeymoon Ave - Cover by David So

12. Which App Are You Addicted To?

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Since I already chose Youtube for another question, for this one I'm going to say Twitter... I lose a lot of time scrolling through twitter, and I find myself checking it constantly throughout the day.

13. Are You A Morning or An Evening Person?

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Definitely evening.

14. Who's Your Favorite Youtuber?

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Markiplier. He might be a narcissist, but he has the biggest heart out of almost anyone I know.

15. If You Could Switch Your Life With Someone For A Day, Who Would It Be?

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Kim Namjoon. I'd love to know what it's like to be one of the most incredible people on the planet.

16. What's Your Favorite Colour?

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17. What's A Random Interest or Passion of Yours?

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18. Do You Prefer Sunrises or Sunsets?

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19. What's Your Favorite Swear Word?

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20. If You Could Ask Your Future Self One Question, What Would It Be?

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"Did you ever make yourself proud?"