Well as you can see I love writing articles so I decided to write another one. This one is going to be about MCU. To be more specific: "If I were an MCU character"!❤


My name would be Rhea Moon, my super hero name would be Kallisto and I'm 18 years old.


I'm mind-reader/mind-controller and I'm a tech and book geek.


5'8, fit, long brown hair, hazel eyes and glasses (sometimes contacts),freckles.

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My fashion style when I'm not in my superhero outfit.

Personality and hobbies

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I love music, books, rain, fall, Earth, space, technology...


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My best friend would be Loki. Then there're Tony and Bruce and Peter and Steve. Love them all but Loki would be my number one.


Except being a superhero I would work for Stark Industires to create new technology.

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Superhero appearance

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Bucky Barnes. I know he is older then me but I don't care.This is what our relationship would kinda look like. I love it!

❤ There you go. Hope you like it as much as I do! ❤