I saw someone doing it and I found it cool, so here I am, basically it's an article about me for you random people or followers know a little about me!

My name is isabella

I'm Brazilian

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I put this beautiful picture because I love my country and Harry also haha

I have 15 years

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I know, I'm just a baby girl

Day or night

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I really prefer night

Favorite colors

strawberry, aesthetic, and red image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, city, and night image eye, eyes, and girl image Image by 👸🏾

Favorite season

asia, cherry blossom, and korea image flower, lilac, and nature image Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and harry potter image
spring and autumn

favorite movie genre

Clueless, 90s, and movie image 80s, ferris bueller, and ferris bueller's day off image love, love rosie, and lily collins image cruel intentions, Reese Witherspoon, and movie image me before you, movie, and couple image logan lerman, ezra miller, and emma watson image
Drama and teen comedy

Favorite tv shows

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some of my favorite series


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I really love wolves and foxes and honestly I did not resist that thorned pig with a bonnet and that cat outlined better than I can manage to do one day

Where would I like to go, if I could travel anywhere?

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I do not know why but my dream is one day to visit Norway and Italy

My favorite songs

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crazy, livin'on a prayer, habits of my heart, patience these are some of my favorite songs

My favorite princess

disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image disney, ariel, and mermaid image
Bela and Ariel


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I love to read and travel besides that I love to dance and sing but it does not mean that I am good

My house in Hogwarts

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Yes, I'm from Gryffindor

My style

piercing, nose, and lips image aesthetic, tumblr, and grunge image aesthetic, fashion, and Fila image fashion, red, and aesthetic image


sushi, food, and aesthetic image food, burger, and fries image

I'm a feminist

feminist, quotes, and feminism image quotes, pink, and no image

I am feminist and I fight for equal rights

l think it's all people,I hope you liked it
that's me
tchau,bye,adios,arrivederci,au revoir