Hi guys! I want to get to know you guys better and it would be nice to make new friends from all around the globe :)

Let me tell you something about myself:

  • my name is Laeticia
  • I'm 18-years-old
  • I'm a senior in high school
  • my star sign is Taurus
  • I'm from Finland
  • I'm 159 cm tall (almost 5'3 ft)
  • I speak Finnish, English and a little bit of Swedish and Spanish
  • I love travelling and getting to know more about culture
  • I like taking photos
  • listening to music is everything
  • I like to penny board during summer
  • autumn is probably my favourite season
  • ...but I LOVE christmas

I spend most of my time watching Youtube haha. My favourite youtuber is Shane Dawson. I also like watching Dolan Twins, David Dobrik, Antonio Garza, James Charles etc.

dawson, shane, and youtube image Image removed antonio garza image david dobrik image
On the free time, I also like to watch Netflix (I know, what an exciting life I have). Here's a link to one of my favourite series:

I'm sorry if this article was a mess, but hopefully, we share the same interests and become friends. Feel free to dm me here or on instagram @lettufie

see you there! xx