This is a list of my favorite youtubers who I absolutley love watching when I am sad, happy, bored, and feeling every other emotion in the world!

1) Ava Jules - Ava is my absolute favorite youtuber. She is from hawaii and her posistive attitude turns any one of my moods into a happy one. I have no words to expolain how much I love watching her videos.

2) Summer Mckeen - I love watching summer at any time of the day because she has such a good "life help" youtube channel.

3) Hannah Meloche - I love watching Hannah because she has the same attitude and affect on my moods as Summer.

3) Ellie Thuman - Once again Ellie just puts me in a good mood because she is so outgoing and positive.

4) Emma Chamberlain - Emma is one of the funniest youtubers ive ever come across. I love love love watching her channel because of how funny and happy she alwasy is.

5) Avery Ovard - Avery is so gorgouse and I love watching her channel becaue its a great "life help" channel.

6) The Dolan Twins - Ethan and Grayson are hilarious and just fun to watch when youre bored. If youre looking for any video to watch from them, watch both of thier wisdom teeth removal videos. Theyre old videos but theyre hilarious. No matter how many times youve watched those videos theyre still funny every time. (Ethans is my favorite.)

7) James Charles - Whenever im on youtube, one of James' videos pops up on my suggested. I love his attitude and the way he does his makeup.

8) Shane Dawson - He has the most interesting videos that I just love watching when im bored or sad.

9) Cody Ko - Whenever im with my friends at a sleepover or in down time at school my friends and I watch Cody Ko. He makes the best jokes and when im with my friends eveything is funnier.

10) Marla Catherine - Shes so pretty and just has a really girly channel that I love watching.

11) Jeffree Star - I have no words other than I just love his attitude all the time.

12) The ACE family - They're one of the cutest families I've come across and I love following the journey of their life as a young family. If you didn't know this, they just had their second baby girl and she is the cutest little thing ever.

I love you guys!!
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Kisses, Cait <3