i do not in anyway expect to get all of the things on this list, their just ideas of what i want

1. ariana grande perfume

ariana grande, arianagrande, and cloud perfume image Temporarily removed
honestly any of her perfume would be fine but i've heard good reviews on this one!

2. ukulele

sky, ukulele, and natural image doodles, pink, and summer image
i've wanted to be able to play an instrument for a long time and the ukulele has such a pretty sound and seems to not be that difficult to learn.

3. phone cases

book, blue, and aesthetic image Image removed
i am in desperate need of some new phone cases! i only have one that i use every single day. specifically i would like some simple yet cute ones like the ones above (:

4. plushies

bts, chimmy, and bt21 image aesthetic, soft, and kawaii image
this may sound childish since i'm 16 but i love plushies and think their so cute as decoration on your bed.

5. jewelry (bracelets, rings, etc)

rings, accessories, and hands image necklace, gold, and jewelry image
i really want to start getting into jewelry and start wearing it daily because i feel like it just makes your whole outfit look 100x better!

6. makeup

urban decay, naked 3, and makeup image Image removed
it doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy i would just like a nude based eyeshadow pallete and a new highlighter pallete!

7. bunny

cute, animal, and bunny image Temporarily removed
i've wanted a bunny for YEARS now and i even have the perfect names if i get one!

8. money

Temporarily removed anime, japan, and money image
when it comes to my family i would rather them just give me money since they are never sure what to get me and would probably end up getting me something i didn't like/want

9. iphone 8

iphone image apple, gold, and iphone image
it can be the 8 or the 8 plus just an 8 period. i know their expensive but i'm in desperate need of a new phone my phone barley works as it is and an upgrade would just be nice.

10. jeans

fashion, jeans, and mango image Temporarily removed
even though their also expensive some american eagle jeans would be great since their good quality and idk i just like them lol.

11. jacket/coat

burgundy, jacket, and tomboy image fashion, girl, and style image
during the winter i'll usually just wear hoodies but i think i would like a puffer jacket or just a good winter jacket that would keep me warm.

12. ear muffs

december, ear muffs, and eyebrows image pink and girly image
i honestly thought of this so randomly but I think these are cute and would look good with a cute winter jacket!

13. lights for my room

Temporarily removed decide, design, and disney image
this would be so cute :(

14. slides

beautiful, body, and bra image shoes, glitter, and diamond image
slides are like my favorite type of shoes so its sad I only have like one pair lol

15. hair care

bathroom, curly hair, and home image natural, girl, and hair image
i really wanna get my natural hair right 2019!

16. skin care

rose water, witch hazel, and thayers image garnier, beauty, and face mask image
i really want my skin to be right so i really want some witch hazel specifically

17. white sneakers

shoes, white, and nike image shoes, fashion, and sneakers image
i would like a pair of white sneakers to go with all my outfits

18. joggers

fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, fashion, and k-fashion image
i would love some comfortable pants to wear to school on days that i'm just not feeling it ya know?

19. sunglasses

blue, aesthetic, and glasses image aesthetic, girl, and glasses image
i would love to have some cute sunglasses to wear in the summer

20. purse

pink, bag, and Michael Kors image bag, black, and fashion image
i need a purse since i'm getting older and eventually will need one

21. robe

fashion image Image removed
i want a cute bathroom robe so badddd

22. underwear/bras

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i need some new cute bras and underwear

23. full length mirror

mirror, pink, and pale image Temporarily removed
i want a full length mirror and a kylie jenner hoodie but those hoes are to expensive :(

that's all! thanks for reading!