She put the purse carefully in her backpack and proceeded to the suburbs of Seoul...

The buildings became lower and poorer as she continued moving onward.

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After a half an hour walk she passed by a road sign at which she looked with relief. Almost home!
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The houses here were low and partially demolished. There were graffity in shoals on every wall but almost no plaster.

One of the houses standed out among the others. On it's wall was written with big letters: STRAY KIDS I'M ON A HELLEVATOR. The girl grinned while looking at the fresh paint of the inscription. "It seems that Chan is fallen in despair again."
She opened the door with a powerful swing and cried: "Chaaaaan, I'm home!".
An annoyed and sleepy voice replied: "There's no need to warn me, Natalie! Only you burst into this house like a tornado!"
Natalie took her shoes off and proceeded to the room from which the voice was heard.

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Chan was sitting at the table. He gave the girl a questioning look.

"I should look at you like that, Chan" - said the girl reproachfully. - "I told you 100 times to remain in your bed!"
The boy rolled his eyes and sighed.
"Oooh, don't act like I'm 5! It pisses me off. I'm perfectly fine...
Natalie moved closer to him and despite his angry remonstrance, touched his forehead.
"You still have a fever... Hardly surprising... Those graffity probably are hard to be painted... Whatever... I brought medicine and bandages. Does your hand bleed a lot?"
Chan laughed.
" You saw them!?"
"Nooo, Chan... The red paint is absolutely unnoticeable..."

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The boy bended down and looked curiously at Natalie's face. " Hey, your tone was quite sarcastic... What's wrong with you?"

Natalie hanged her head and sighed.
"I asked about your hand..."
Chan interrupted her with irritation:
" Don't change the topic, please! My hand's fine. I'm not mortally wounded! So why do you look so low-spirited?"
Natalie sighed again and took out the purse.
" Look, I robbed someone for the first time... His ID's in the purse and also a photo with a guy named Chenle... and what remained of the money..."
She told her friend the whole story.
Chan frowned thoughtfully and scratched his head.
"He saved your life, you say... Of course you made the right decision. It would have been too mean to throw out an identity card and a precious photo..."
" I know, Chan... But it was in vain! I can't return it anyway. He will certainly try to capture and surrender me to the cops!"
Her friend gave a faint smile.
"Why are you so sure? He didn't cry for help while chasing you, did he? He let you go at last, didn't he?"
Natalie nodded.
"So?" continued he. "I consider everything can be set right. Just keep the purse with you and maybe you'll get a chance to return it. Who knows, he may go to your new school."
The girl gave Chan an angry look.
"Please, stop! This would be a nightmare!"

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Chan laughed and tapped her shoulder.
"Heey, you don't even get my jokes today! You said that he looked rich! Actually... Let me give a look at the photo."

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"The guy with the white shirt, right?'

Natalie nodded. Chan smiled strangely.
"I warrant that he would never call the cops... and also that he has nothing to do with your school."
"Do you know him" asked Natalie suspiciously.
Chan smiled again.
"I'm not sure... Probably no..."
"Then stop grinning like an idiot... You didn't fall in love at first sight, did you?"
Chan rolled his eyes.
"You are nagging me, Natalie! It's quite probable that you did but it's all the same to me... You are just tired and nervous. Go take a nap"

to be contined