I am a loner. I don't fear being alone most of the time and indeed that's how I do. Being an introvert helps a lot with this, however sometimes I get a feeling that goes down my spine and makes me feel quite sad.

To me autumn feels like a burden. Don't get me wrong, I am captivated by the look of the streets after the rain, the orange looking leaves of the trees, the lights of the semaphores... It's all beautifully unique. But I feel moody and hopeless somehow. It takes me a lot of effort to wake up some days and get ready for another day. I feel the whole year pretty fine with being on my own, but on autumn I feel as lonely as it gets. Sometimes I start missing things and people and I can't get it out of my head. I get a lot of nostalgia.

My favourite thing to do when this melancholy comes is to listen to music. This autumn I'm enjoying two artists in particular; Father John Misty and Beach House. Music really helps. I'm not great when it comes to reaching for my nearby people and I only feel good when I share my feels written. This is a bit like therapy, so writting my thoughts really helps me.

If you're gloomy this season, I can say that it gets better. In my case, my future self is aware that better times are ahead and I can make it through this.

Take care of yourself.