Hi guys! I'm back with another article, this time skin related. Nowadays skincare is becoming more popular because of all the polution we face on our everyday life and so keeping your face protected is really important. This may not work on every skin type, I based this article mainly on my experience with skincare, always be sure to read the ingredients of the products mentioned to search for any type of allergy you may have.

Know your skin type

Take your time to study your face and figuring out your skin type. If you need any help, you can find quizes, tests and articles on different websites that will give you the information you need.

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For me, I used a test created by _The Body Shop and it was helpful. Of course at the end they will indicate you their products made for your skin type and if you are curious you can check them out (I will have the links in the conclusion for the websites that helped me to spare you some time).


Knowing what to use is tricky because you don't want to over exaggerate your skin, so do as much research as you can, even consider a dermatologist if you still have doubts.

I recommend using the basics:

  • Cleanser - Removes all the impurities from the poluted streets and unclogs your pores.
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  • Toner - Gets rid of the leftover dirt that sometimes the cleanser can't remove.
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  • Moisturizer - Very important part of any skincare routine, keeps the water your body produces so it doesn't leave your skin (@imstudying actually informed me of this, thank you once again!), and also revitalizes it.
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  • Serum - Makes your skin glowy and tightens it.
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  • Face masks - It gives you quicker results but doesn't substitute you skincare routine, they should be used together so you can maintain an healthy skin.
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My favourites

I have a pretty normal skin, I don't deal with acne, just a few pimples from time to time but I do have combination and sensitive skin so I need to be careful with the products that I use because my skin gets irritated easily, so this is what I've been using:

  • Cleanser - I've been using the Drops of Light foam cleanser by The Body Wash, I love using this, it purifies and cleanses without removing the skin's natural oils. I also used the exfolianting cleanser for blackheads by Clean & Clear a while ago, they are cheaper and of course they offer other products more directed to your preferences so I do recommend using this if you are on a budget.
  • Toner - Last year I used to use the Simple toner more directed to my sensitive skin, I recommend it so much, it removes make-up residues very well and it is afordable. But my favourite has to be rose water, it's natural, has the same effect and it is also cheap.
  • Moisturizer - My favourite moisturizer is, without a doubt, the seaweed oil control moisturizer by The Body Shop, I love this so much! Does wonders to my skin, if you deal with combination skin like me I advise you to use this. You will not regret it at all.
  • Serum - I personally don't use serum because I don't need it, but I was recommended the Drops of Light serum once again by The Body Shop, it is suposed to reduce acne scars and give your skin an amazing glow, but it is quite pricey so you can also try the Burt's Bees intensive firming serum, as the name indicates it has firming properties and it is hydrating.
  • Face Masks - My favourite part. I have a soft spot for face masks because that's when I pretend my life is put together. So, to fulfil my fantasy I use the coconut mask by Freshmade, it creates humid drops on the skin, similar to cococut milk and makes my skin sooooo soft. The clay mask I use is the L'oreal detox charcoal clay mask, and it had great results, but I also needed do be careful because if I used to many layers my face would get irritated. For tissue masks I like the sephora ones, I used to use the pearl one religiously because it gave such a natural glow to my skin.
  • Spot treatments - I also decided to add this one in because I use it almost every week, so everytime I get a pimple I use a spot treatment by Uriage and it is amazing, get's rid of a pimple in 2-3 days, also clearing any acne scars. It's clay based and works really well.

Pay attention to your food

This is pretty obvious, I think most people that deal with acne have this information already, but be careful with your food, it has such an impact on your skin.

  • Fast food, meat and dairy need to be controled. Try to avoid these foods during the week.
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  • Fruit is healthy but with moderation, since it is also very sugary so try to eat a cracker to cut some of the sweetness.
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  • Eat vegetables frequently. If you're not a big fan, soup is a great replacement, since it is made of vegetables and you can hardly notice due to all the mix. Here in Portugal we are taught to eat soup before/after lunch and dinner, so it is advised by a lot of doctors to people who are trying to lose weight or have low iron.
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  • Drink water. This is such a popular thing to say nowadays that it has become cringy but it is important to drink water.
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I realize that this may not work for everybody but it helped me get rid of some pimple scars and control my blackheads so I hope it did something for you.
Feel free to message me if you need any advice or let me know what you thought about my article itself, I genuinely like to read your messages because they make me feel like I actually have an audience and I want to improve for you guys!
Also, sorry if it was a long article, I promise my next one won't be.
Hope to see you there!



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