Hey everyone <3
I have really important exams coming up, just like a lot of you guys...
Here's a couple of tips I've been told on how to be more productive in my work and revision:


1. Make lists of everything you need to do each day
Be creative, you could make them look cute and it puts you in a good Frame of mind.

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2. Don't multi-task
I'm also guilty of having Netflix open when doing an essay... don't do it...

3. Revise in ways that are best for you
Personally, I cant listen to music when memorising or making notes as I can't learn anything

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4. Separate spaces
Try to separate a relaxing space and your work space, this will help mentally, so you switch your brain on when working in your work environment.

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5. Get into a routine
Often waking up early means your brain becomes more active and you are able to get more out of the day.

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6. Regular Exercise (ahhhhh)
Recently I have been trying to do a bit more and I have seen SUCH a change in my mental health!

7. Reward yourself
Sometimes you need to realise when you need breaks or a day off, don't overwork yourself

Its the hours before bed that count

Big kisses,
S xox