You owe all this to yourself and more than you should...
  • Get the tattoo
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  • Stop dwelling on the past
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  • Not care about what others think of you
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  • Give yourself time to hurt and to heal
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  • Laugh until your belly aches
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  • Never go back to him
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  • Educate and transform your mind
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  • Eat more chocolate
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  • Love your damn self
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  • Drink your green juice
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  • Believe in yourself no matter what your current situation
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  • Give love
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  • Receive love
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  • Forgive from a distance
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  • Speak up
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  • Sleep a few hours later
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  • Cry when things hurt
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  • Pick yourself up again
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  • Realize you're always in control
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  • Take a day off
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  • Work until you achieve your goals
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  • Not have to explain your beliefs
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Above all you owe yourself 'Balance.' A chance to experience life at its best and worst and love yourself through it all.
We live it once, let's feel it fully.

Alana - Mae

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