Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? If you have, congrats! That’s a huge first step. I believe not many people consider their own path, but rather do what others do. Of course, that is perfectly fine if you’re happy that way, but if you’re not, well…

...here I am with five tips on finding your purpose:

Consider your skills
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This should not come as a surprise. But unlike any other job you’d be hired to do, the skills I’m talking about must bring you happiness. I’ll make it clear. I know a lot of people who are doing so well at their jobs but having the right qualifications doesn’t necessarily make them happy. You deserve a job that fulfills you, emotionally speaking. How wonderful would it be to be paid for something that feels like a hobby? Yes, it is possible.

Don’t compare yourself to others
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Comparison. Scary word, scarier feelings. If you feel you’re left behind, just listen to me: There is no deadline for finding your purpose. Your friends may be ahead, but that does not make your progress less valid. Keep this in mind: Your journey is unique.

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If you don’t have your skills figured out, neither your passions, the best thing for you is to try. Experience as many tasks as possible. Get involved in projects. Become a volunteer. Travel, if you can. Talk to wise people. Attend courses. There are so many ways in which you could learn something about you and your possible future.

Listen to your heart
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If your mind can not distinguish what the right career might be, maybe you should give your heart a chance to speak. Go through multiple experiences (as I suggested above) and your heart will whisper “Oh, this is fun!” “I am so happy right now.” “I could do this for years”.
Don’t ignore the little hints. Give them a go and thank me later. ;)

Risk a little
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Does your dream job sound too big? Does it scare you and excite you at the same time? That’s great! Don’t be afraid to risk a little. Stepping out of your comfort zone could be exactly what you needed to start living a happy, fulfilled life.

As a little extra help, here is a question you need to ask yourself in order to find the perfect goal: What could you do in life so as it makes you and others happy?

Thank you for reading! This is where my article ends and where your journey begins. Enjoy it fully!