Hi Hearters !

This article is going to be shorter than usual, but I still wanted to write it.

What's up since last time ?

Well... I've been very busy. I have had additionnal classes, which means that I go home later than usual. Therefore, I have little or no time at all to exercice.

I really prefer to do a sport session before dinner. Really, who could do 100 abs after a meal cooked by their mom ? Not me. But I often get home right at the time dinner is ready, and I want to eat with my parents. So I eat dinner, and then... I don't exercice.

Yeah, but...

Also, to be completely honest, there have been two or three days when I really felt not motivated at all. On Friday I wake up at 5:20, so I don't really have the energy to do push-ups at 5PM.

cat, girl, and black and white image
I should create a "Sleep" collection.

I'm also really busy with school and other activities, so when I'm done I just want to chill : watch videos, play an online game, chat with friends, but not really sweat on the exercice bike.

So what did I do the last two weeks ?

I went to the swimming pool once a week, and I exercice (less than usual) 3 time. That is a total of 5 sessions, which is half of my goal.

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How am I going to improve this ?

I really need to get motivated, but I think I'm going to be. Firstly because I noticed that I'm more tired since I reduced the number of sport sessions. Then because I really don't want to lose the progress I've made so far.

I will let you know how things evolve next time :

XOXO, Ems.