You’re were my first friend and became my best friend. We laugh, cry, and you stood by my side. I remember the very first day that I couldn’t pronounce your name. You inspired me to draw and became someone I look up to. Even though you’re younger than me for a few months, you inspired me to become someone I want to be. You are so sweet, kind, thoughtful, and loyal. But loyalty was something I question during our friendship.

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I questioned if we’re still friends because we haven’t hung out for like a year. I wonder if those times we do hang out were meaningless. Because you never talk to me and start a conversation unless I do. We go to separate schools and I had wished we could still be friends. I got jealous when you brought 🍯 me to our annual kite festival. Usually, I was the one you bring every year. I was upset you're brought her instead, I guess that means our friendship was falling apart.

I miss those days that we can play video games, talk about how boys, have our sleepover and remembering how we became best friends 12 years ago. I wonder if we’re still best friends or even call “friends?” I miss you so much and I miss those days. I hated that we separated since you moved to school and that you never text me. I know friends will slip away and you’ll make new ones. But you were someone that I call a true friend.

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Yes, I depended on you all the time. You were like my shield and you made me less lonely. You made my day fun, special, and you were someone who liked me who I was. I remember how we planned our future together during recess, and I was like, “Yeah, let’s be roommates!” I waited until when we grow up, we will be roommates. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I hope we can be close again.