name: Rosetta (meaning Rose)

age: 17

birth date: August 16, 2001

zodiac sign: Leo.

likes: shiny objects, books, poetry, flowers, ball gowns, mornings and paintings.

favorite colors: pink, gold and white.


Image removed aesthetic, braids, and flowers image hair, braid, and hairstyle image lips, freckles, and beauty image
i would have beautiful long, brown, straight hair, ocean blue eyes and gorgeous freckles.

my castle would look like:

castle, germany, and mountains image book, library, and architecture image pink, art, and aesthetic image Image removed book, vintage, and brown image library, book, and architecture image
it would have a huge library and lots of paintings.

my royal chamber:

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it would be pink, white and gold.

my crowns:

crown, book, and gold image crown, aesthetic, and princess image crown, pink, and princess image crown, princess, and aesthetic image
i would have beautiful gold and silver crowns that i would love from the bottom of my heart.

my dress style:

dress, fashion, and pink image flowers, pink, and dress image pink, dress, and fashion image fashion, dress, and elie saab image
florals would be my favorite and i would wear them casually around the castle.

ball gowns:

dress, fashion, and pink image dress, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and gold image Image removed
i would have loads of white and gold ballgowns and people would be stunned by their beautifulness.


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reading, reading, reading and writing poetry.

so that's it for this article, i hope u enjoyed it, follow and heart for more, i hope u have a royal and gorgeous day, ilyy!

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