Dear hearters, here I am again. Today I will be sharing some of my childhood imagination. Enjoy xx


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I would be a princess of a fairytale kingdom, and my name would be Tomorrow. I'd be around 17 years old.


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I would have long, blond wavy hair, usually braided and have some sort of flowers mended into it.
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My eyes would be a forest green, with makeup that reflected the colour of my eyes.
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I would have two tattoos, one as a symbol of my royalty, and one to remind me of a long lost love.
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I would mostly be wearing floral gowns, with a mysterious bridal ambiance to it.

How i'd spend my time

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Swimming in the ocean, horsebackriding thrue the hills, writing stories of worlds unknown and boxing to free my mind.

Where I'd live

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A castle on a hill, surrounded by exotic flowers, at the ocean side.


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Free spirit, loving, seeing the best in people, smart, strong, responsible.

love interest

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The sweet boy with the ocean eyes, who I will protect for ever and always.

quotes that describe me

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Thank you so much for reading!
Love, Avey