I've travelled quite a lot over the years, but there are still so many places I would love to see. I thought I would share some of my favorite places I've travelled to.

♥ Mombasa

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Mombasa is a city on the coast of Kenya, and it is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been. My family and I rented a bungalow on the beach and had the most amazing time. Not far from Mombasa you can go on safari in Tsavo national park, also an incredible experience.

♥ Prague

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Prague is a beautiful city and the capitol of Czech. As well as having a gorgeous old town and huge shopping centers, it also has a lot of interesting history.

♥ Dubrovnik

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Me and a group of friends went to Dubrovnik this summer and it was one of the most amazing trips i've had. Not only is the city incredibly beautiful, but as a Game of thrones fan,I was so excited to recognize places from the series. Dubrovnik is in fact where many scenes from the show are filmed. One of the days, we rented a little boat and explored islands, small cities along the coast and did some cliff diving. Would aboslutely recommend travelling to Dubrovnik.

♥ Paris

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If you haven't been, you should go. Paris is such an amazing place. The food, the history, the architecture and the people are incredible. I loved my stay in Paris, and would definitely go there again.

I might be doing a part 2 on this one. So let me know if you like it! And also check out my other articles.