Hoe hoe hoe
Christmas is around the corner. Christmas. The time of the year to enjoy time with loved ones and to remember how many things we have to be grateful for. In Denmark we call it "hjerternes fest" - translated to english: The party of the hearts. And it sure is. And because Christmas only is once a year, we have to enjoy it. Therefore I made a little December bucket list that you can use for inspiration:

1. Get in the Christmas mood

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If you're not already jumping up and down for it to be Christmas Eve already, then: Christmas decoration and Christmas music! Listening to Christmas music gets you in the mood for warm Christmas socks and hot chocolate, trust me. And decorating your room/home is important as well. Start decorating in the beginning of December. Find the box with old Christmas decorations or buy some new Christmas decorations that'll fit in your room/home. You can even make your own diy Christmas decorations.

And also.. Be more aware of your surroundings when you're outside. Stores are already getting ready for Christmas and in the streets you can probably already see some Christmas lights. Take it in.

2. Christmas shopping

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I'm not only talking about shopping cute things for yourself here, honey. Put down the names of everyone you want to buy Christmas presents to and what you'll give them. Take the list with you to have an idea of what stores to go to etc. It's best to start shopping for Christmas presents in the beginning of December. Don't stress yourself huntey

3. Make memories!

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Visit a Christmas market, go ice skating or simply go to a coffee shop with your girl friends and have hot chocolate. The opportunities are almost endless, but what I'm trynna say.. It's only Christmas once a year and we should make memories in this time. Enjoy company of family and friends and enjoy the Christmas lights!

4. Enjoy time with loved ones

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When Christmas is in the air we almost automatically spend more time with family and friends, and so we should. I think this is the best time to show love and gratitude. Take intiativ with friends and family. Invite people to go outside and to do something fun. Show love and remember how lucky we actually are. That's Christmas.