hey everyone, here are some ideas for what you could put on your christmas list if you don't know what to ask for. I know that some people prefer receiving vouchers or money but I love getting a gift that you've specifically asked for!

☃︎ jumpers, hoodies, cardigans
I would totally recommend looking on lazy oaf or urban outfitters for some cuddly jumpers, perfect for january and february

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☃︎ eyeshadow palettes
asking for makeup is a great idea if you want to try out some new products but they're too expensive to buy yourself! check out some of my favourite eye makeup products:

☃︎ polaroid film/camera
I think that a good quality camera or the film to go with it is so worth asking for because making memories is so important.

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☃︎ perfume
a good fragrance can be a really nice gift, but its something that normally a lot of people forget about in their morning routine or everyday life

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this olympea one is my all-time favourite

☃︎ artwork, prints
this is such a good thing to ask for if you've just moved in or want to revamp your home for new years. try desenio or society 6 for some inspo!

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thanks for reading!
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