Hi! I decided to tell you about what places I would like to visit and why. Hope you’ll enjoy this.

•New York

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First of all, this is my favorite city in all this planet and I would LOVE to move there. Even though people tend to say it’s dangerous and sometimes creepy, I think is more mysterious and really aesthetic. Also, who doesn’t love a little adventure full of dangerous actions and where can take really good insta pictures?!


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I’m not a romantic human being, but I actually enjoy this city. It’s cute, food is great and it's a really full of history. The buildings are absolutely gorgeous and you can take aesthetic photos too. And lets not forget about The Tour Eiffel. Whatelse can I say about this piece of art?!

• Moscow

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I adore Russia, even though I can’t stand cold weather. I find Russian people very cute and nice and I would like to have a friend from there. Actually it’s even better in winter when everything is hidden under the snow.

• London

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Hearing everyone using that lovely accent would be music to my ears. Would be a great visit in autumn, when the weather is as melancholic as I am and it would match perfectly with the London specific landscape.

There are more places but this are the most wanted places in my vision. Have a great day/night and keep working on your dreams!