Hello, beautiful people of Whi!

I'm literally writing after an eternity! I've been so busy, what with my first year of college since September and now my upcoming exams in December. Plus, to be honest with you all, I've found myself being quite demotivated to get on here and post/heart pictures because this app just isn't what is used to be anymore. WeHeartIt has changed.

Anyway, I should stop babbling and start with the article already. Firstly, I chose this topic because I absolutely LOVE fall. I think it's a very beautiful season and it should definitely be celebrated with more spirit. So if you're not feeling the fall this year, I'm here with 6 fun things you could do in this season with your friends and loved ones!

✓ Pick apples

It's always fun picking apples in October and throughout November, it really makes you feel spirited about this beautiful season! Plus who doesn't like apples?

autumn, apple, and fall image apple, red, and tumblr image

✓ Carve your own pumpkin

Pumpkins are so fun to carve and DIY with. Pumpkins don't only mean eerie lopsided smiles, you can do so much more with them!

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✓ Get lost in a corn maze

Grab a friend and go get yourselves lost in a corn maze. It's so fun to let your imagination run and see who gets out first.

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✓ Get cozy with a good book

If you're too lazy to go on walks or losing yourself in a corn maze, I suggest reading a good book with a warm cup of coffee is equal in the fall spirit!

autumn, book, and coffee image autumn, book, and coffee image

✓ Do a fall photoshoot

Take advantage of this charming season and inspire your Instagram feed with the pretty oranges and the reds!

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✓ Watch a good movie/TV show

No better way to excite yourself than cozying up in your bed with a good movie! Doesn't have to be horror, just be sure to have a spiced pumpkin latte beside you.

Halloween, fall, and autumn image autumn, harry potter, and fall image
That's if for today, guys! I know the article is kind of short but I don't have enough time to write more If you want me to do a second part, send me a postcard and I'll get right on it x

I'll catch you all later <3