I don’t think that an article with that title needs much explanation, but I just wanted to say hello and I hope that you find a few new shows you maybe didn’t know of and start watching one or two of them. And now, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

The Royals

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“I’m just a bitch with money and power.” – Princess Eleanor

Queen Helena is the matriarch of a fictional contemporary British royal family who must struggle with both common and atypical family dramas while in the public eye. ... But when crown prince Robert is killed, the family is thrown into disarray and a grieving King Simon fears for the future of the monarchy. (Source: Wikipedia)

13 Reasons Why

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“Some of you cared, none of you cared enough.” – Hannah Baker

Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker—his classmate and crush—who committed suicide two weeks earlier. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Good Doctor

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“I couldn’t save them. It’s sad. Neither one had the chance to become an adult. They should have become adults. They should have had children on their own and loved those children. And I want to make that possible for other people. And I want to make a lot of money so that I can have a television.” – Shaun Murphy

The series follows Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome from the mid-size city of Casper, Wyoming, where he had a troubled childhood. He relocates to San Jose, California, to work at the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. (Source: Wikipedia)


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“It’s not the broken dreams that break us. It’s the ones we don’t dare to dream.” – Will Schuester

The series focuses on a high school show choir, also known as a glee club, in the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. Will Schuester takes over the glee club after the former teacher Sandy Ryerson is fired for inappropriate contact with a male student. (Source: Wikipedia)

How I Met Your Mother

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“The future is scary, but you just can’t run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes, it’s tempting, but, it’s a mistake.” – Robin

It's the year 2030 and an older Ted Mosby is telling the story to his son and daughter about how he met and will eventually marry their mother.


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“Where ever we are, where ever we go, we’ll always be a pack.” – Maddy Smith

The start of the show sees Maddy, who lives with her wolfblood family in Stoneybridge, Northumbria, coming ever closer to her first transformation. When new boy Rhydian arrives at Bradlington High School, Maddy recognises him as being a wolfblood too. Rhydian, who lives with his foster family, has only recently started changing into a wolf, having been unaware of wolfbloods prior to his move to Stoneybridge. The Smith family claim him as a distant cousin and help him settle in and learn about the wolfblood way of life. Rhydian becomes friends with Maddy's best friends Tom and Shannon, who are unaware of Maddy's and Rhydian's secret. (Source: Wikipedia)


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“There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers.” – Richard Castle

Richard Castle is a famous mystery novelist. Bored and suffering from writer's block, he kills off Derek Storm, the main character in his successful book series. He is brought in by the New York Police Department for questioning regarding a copy-cat murder based on one of his novels. He is intrigued by Kate Beckett, the detective assigned to the case. Castle is inspired to take Beckett as his muse for Nikki Heat, the main character of his next book series and uses his friendship with the mayor to force the police to let him shadow Beckett. Castle's exuberant man child personality clashes with Beckett's more reserved and professional demeanour. However, as Beckett begins to appreciate Castle's assistance in helping her catch killers, the two eventually become friends and then lovers. (Source: Wikipedia)

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