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Today I am back with another episode of my Girl To Girl or GTG series, this time with an article, about adoring your body.
Because let's face it, no matter how happy we are with ourselves or how much we try to see past the superficial levels, that is our looks; majority of the time we can find something we would like to change. Therefore I hope this article can help you with adoring your body, just a little bit more.♡

When you think about yourself, most of the times the things that come to mind are either; positive traits about our personality, something we think other people like us or things we would like to change about ourselves.
Often, I hear people describe themselves using adjectives like passionate, ambitious & considerate, & those traits are not bad to have, they are lovely! But they all describe the persons personality, not giving us an insight in how they see themselves. Now when I hear my friends describing their appearance, they use sentences like "my hair is so disgustingly thin", "my hair is annoyingly thick", "my shoulders are too broad & masculine", "my hands are so short & fat, like small sausages". The problem with those sentences are they are all negatively directed, they use words like disgusting, annoying & fat, which gives the person listening (or reading) a negative view on the person. But why is that?

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Is it because our world is so censored that we can hardly look at a persons body without feeling like we are violated? It is not our body, it is not our business what other people do with their bodies. But whenever we turn on the television, watch the news or simply watch a movie parts of the human body is always censored. & those censored parts makes its way into our everyday life, without us even noticing it most of the time.

Snarky remarks, bashing jokes & hurtful opinions are a norm in our society, strangers & best friends alike. You can pass a complete stranger who will suddenly stop you & tell you that your shirt would look better with some other pants or that it doesn't fit your body type, while one day you can hug your best friend tight & they jokingly say you are suffocating them with your arms. We have accepted letting other people put us down, just for cheap laughs. But we should we? All bodies are wonderful, amazing & gorgeous to look at. It is not about achieving what the person next to you have, it is about reaching your own full potential. We let others put us down, while pretending there's nothing wrong with it, but then walking home & hating ourselves, because oh my god, what if it's true?!

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So why don't we just accept our bodies? Are we too influenced by television, commercials & other people in our life? Or do we simply not care? It's questions there aren't a direct answer to. Some people start loving themselves more, when people point out flaws because how dare they disrespect your architecture? Your building & body. A body that is healthy, cared for & loved. Some people might see you as broken, but if you don't, let the person be. What one see as broken glass another will see as a mosaic painting & you cannot please every person you pass, but you can please yourself. & pleasing yourself is far more important, because you might never see that stranger again, but you are with you for the rest of your life.

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Love yourself, be with yourself & be for yourself. Don't exist for others, exist for you & accept that you might have a few bumps, marks & stretches scattered all around your body. But those bumps, marks & stretches are a sign you have survived, they make you you. You might be a bit unhappy now, with the way you look, but you can achieve so much & time will show you just that. Don't let other peoples insecurities tear you down, turn them into positive traits about yourself.♡

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