un travail en cours.

i am a work in progress

u are a work in progress

and everyone else is


let me guess, you’re here probably because of 3 am thoughts? bored? randomly stumbled to this page? going through a rough time - thinking about whether you can relate? or you just simply stalked my profile?. haha just kidding

well, it doesn’t really matter because the following content i’d be sharing could really use your great company ;)

let’s dive in


ever had those days where you ever feel as if the whole world is against you? not that it has anything to do with the 4 am thoughts but have you ever find yourself

looking in the mirror and disappointed with what you’re seeing, calculating how much calories you’ve gained again, staring so deeply at the VS model pictures that are flooding your Instagram feed while insecurities start eating your esteem up and you keep questioning everything that’s going inside your mind - hoping for someone to save you from your drowning catastrophe.

sounds familiar?

well, same here.

although i may not fully understand what it is that you’re going through, one thing i am very sure of is that – you will be okay. you will heal.

because you’re a work in progress.

mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically you will get better.

I'd admit, i never really shared these thoughts online because i always chose to put this facade that i’m a strong woman - who feels no pain but pure happiness, joy and bliss. but let’s face it, everyone had those days, whether you’re a parent, a child, a teenager or even a baby. every individual face different level of crisis that’s dependent to his/her age and current situation and many other factors as well.

so, what does being a work in progress really mean?

you’re about to find out.