Hii! My name is Alex and I consider myself a jack of all trades. I do hope to post more. But lets get started :)

Lets start with my style.
Lots of black, I really love black. Don't get me wrong I do wear colors too (But right now I'm doing a style change and switching to all black, white and grey with a few colors here and there). Somewhat gothic, grunge, arthoe, Harajuku and kinda everything.
i don't think that people should have to limit themselves to one style. That's boring and who wants to be boring.

Here's how I found my style and how you can find yours.
1. Pinterest and we heart it will be live savers.
-I get a lot of my inspiration from these two amazing sites. They have helped me a lot

2. Look at the people, building, signs, shops, magazines around you
- I'm not saying copy peoples style but I am saying see what people are wearing. See a skirt you like but it doesn't seem like your style. Well dress it up and make it your style. Don't limit yourself. I mostly shop at forever 21 and shops like that and they don't have my style but I make it mine.

3. Don't be afraid to go outside of the box.
- If you like it, wear it.

4. Don't break the bank trying to create yourself
- Almost all of my shoes are $12 and under and most of my clothes are thrifted or bought from the clearance rack. I love fashion and its the main thing that makes me happy but I'm not gonna go broke because of it.

5. Don't listen to other people
- This can go with 3. But if someone tells you that they don't like what your wearing. Don't care. Simple as that. You look cute and don't let someone bring you down. I was always told that my style was ugly, scary, only for white girls but I didn't and still let that get to me.

6. Music can be a big part in finding your style
- I really listen to everything. from Black metal to rap to country. I take aspects from my music and put it into my fashion.

7. Look at what people in other countries are wearing
- I love Japan and France because of their amazing fashion culture. Dark Harajuku and Yami Kawaii are my favorite.

8. Remember that hair, shoes and accessories can make or break your outs.
- I think those three things really improve your outfit. Right now my hair is in long braid, half black and half grey. This plays a big role in most of my outfits.

9. Don't be afraid to "own to many clothes"
- This might not seem like it doesn't go along with anything that I'm saying but it does. I have tons of clothes and this helps me wear new outfits all the time. I love shopping so of course I have tons of clothes but Don't be afraid to buy clothes that look similar. I have five pain black tee shirts, I have zero guilt.

10. Ask people how and where they get their inspo.
I get my inspo from a few accounts on Instagram

I hope this could help in any way! <3

How did you find your style and what advice would you give to someone who is lost?