1. Update wardrobe

fashion and sweater weather image fashion, outfit, and style image

2. Do a winter photoshoot

snow, winter, and christmas image Temporarily removed

3. Build a snowman

Inspiring Image on We Heart It angel, snow, and winter image

4. Set up a christmas tree

beautiful, christmas, and gold image christmas, light, and winter image

5. Find a new perfect book and make a new planner for 2019

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6. Paint my nails

nails, christmas, and red image christmas, girl, and nails image

7. Decorate the house

Image removed christmas, winter, and snow image christmas, winter, and holiday image

8. Bake cookies

christmas, Cookies, and food image christmas, food, and winter image

9. Make hot coco

Image removed holiday and hot ​chocolate image

10. Do presents

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