Hello everyone! So, autumn is here and i am really excited.
Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I really enjoy fall and its rainy and cold days with a cup of hot chocolate watching a movie or just reading a book. So i decided to write an article about all my favourite cozy things, and how to get cozy.

So yeah, now let's get started!

Netflix - Movies ❤️

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I really enjoy cold rainy days specially when i am home watching my favourite movie/serie with popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate or tea.

Hot Bath ❤️

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I really enjoy hot baths with lots of bubbles.

Hot Bath -- Watching a movie-serie or reading a book ❤️

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I don't know about you guys, but i realy love to take hot baths but some times i am getting bored to just stay in the bath. If you getting bored sometimes at the bath such as me or you just wanna wath a movie-serie, while on your bath, you can watch some series--movies or you can just read a book.

Light Candles ❤️

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I really like light candles at my home. Especially when i am gonna watch a movie i turn off the lights, i light some candles and then i enjoy the movie.

Wear Some Comfy Clothes And Long Warm Socks ❤️

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When i go home after a long day, i really enjoy wear my favourite long warm socks and my favourite warm-cozy coat.

Warm Mug ❤️

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You can prepare a hot drink such as hot chocolate - tea - or coffee

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