「Name」: Azuna Kita

❁ "彩" is vividness, colour, color. "沙" is sand
❁ From Japanese 北 (kita) meaning "north"

「Name」: Azu, Zuna, Na

「Nationality」: Japanese

「Age」: 17

「Birthday」: March 24, 2001

「Zodiac Sign」: Aries

「Height」: 5'5 (165 cm)


asian girl and icon image makeup, eyeliner, and eyes image makeup, beauty, and eyes image aesthetic, alternative, and body image
❁ Long brown hair, brown eyes, slightly tan skin ❁


❁ Nice and sweet
❁ Friendly
❁ Loud
❁ Extroverted
❁ Super Honest
❁ Weird


2ne1, fashion, and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and korea image korean, street, and style image
❁ Casual, Urban and Street style ❁ Light colors ❁

❁ Eating
❁ Sleeping
❁ Taking pictures
❁ Hanging out with friends
❁ Listening to music

❁ Food
❁ Music
❁ Taking pictures
❁ Her friends
❁ Fashion
❁ Plants

❁ Stupid People
❁ Cheese
❁ Denim on Denim
❁ Maths


❁ Dad

❁ Mom


iphone, mirror, and friends image Image removed girls, group, and korean fashion image asian, fashion, and girl image
❁ Ayame ❁ Hinata ❁ Emika ❁


「Pets」: Puppy named Ash

dog, animal, and puppy image