Yes, I know it is not even December yet but I really love christmas movies. Like, really love them. Is it just me that becomes so happy after I have watched one? However, I thought it is time I give you all some tips on which movies you should watch. Enjoy!


Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I mean, do I have to say anything more? This is just an amazing movie and it can't be more chritmassy than this, am I right? If you have not watched it it is truely time to do it know.

2. THE GRINCH (2018)

christmas, grinch, and the grinch image
So, I watched this movie yesterday and I loved it. Yes, the other one is really good as well, but this one made me so happy. The Grinch was more nice in this one and it was actually very funny and sweet.

3. FRED CLAUS (2007)

christmas, fred claus, and movie image
This one is honesly one of the best, you can watch it so many times and not become bored. It is so funny and it feels kind of original. All I will say is that it is about Santas brother.


christmas and winter image
Can you say that this is an'oldie but goldie'? I like them all, one two three, but the first one is the best one according to me. To me, it has everyting: Christmas, comedy, some sad parts and SNOW. All that important things.


a christmas carol and christmas movie image
This story has so many different versions, but my favorite is the one on the picture. However, this is (to me) not a funny movie and at some parts I feel kinda at unease. I do not know why, but is does feel so serious in a way. If you have watched it you might know what I mean. Although, it is very good and I do recommend it.