hey beauties! today’s article is some tips and tricks for black friday with is coming up soon (23rd november), and some shopping tips! thank you x

1 | time
don’t go at a busy time as that’s when most people will be around and most items will be gone. instead, shop in the middle of the week if you have time, or go early on a busy day

2 | match your outfit before
dress to match what you might want to buy. if you want to buy a new coat, put on a outfit that would match the coat so you know what it will look like on with other outfits

3 | student discount
lots of shops do student discounts. if you’re a student, you may find some discount codes on apps or in the website

4 | online vs outlet store
do your research before hand and find out what you want to buy first. if you want to buy something online, it may be best to go to the actual store as some stores sell items cheaper. for example, i got a coat from tommy hilfiger which would have been £120, but as i went to the store, it was only £80

5 | testers
if you are unsure of a beauty product you want to buy, get a sample of it first. not all places do this, but ask for a tester do you don’t waste money on something that isn’t right

6 | go with your friends
go with a friends when there is a sale. for example, there may be a sale for buy one get one free, where you could get on for you and your friend

7 | budget friendly
make sure you have a budget clear of how much money you want to spend and how much money you should save

8 | discount summer clothes
buy summer clothes in the winter as some stores will usually lower the prices of them as it is not the right season

9 | discounts
sign up to different shops and get their discount codes. for example, if you are on 02, you can have the priority app, which allows you to get discounts or free items at stores

10 | check quality
try an item on before you buy it. if you see something you like and it’s stained or is ripped/dirty, you could waste your money. make sure to check out the clothing item first and ask staff to help you out