Being a feminist in a sexist society made every day a challenge not to start a discussion. It feels like a competition of dumb and offensive arguments that want to constantly humiliate women. There are days where I reach a point where I can´t tolerate this, I have to defend myself and other women. Staying silent means naturalize it.

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You can have rational arguments supporting why you are a feminist, and there will be always a person that will think that saying “feminazi” invalidate what you said. People try to define us with the word feminazi as a girl that is lesbian or isn´t pretty and is angry with men because they don´t like her back. Putting down all the efforts women did during history to be treated like a human being because our problems aren´t important for them, we are exaggerating it.

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It surprises me how this movement is so hated when all we want is equality. I heard lots of times men saying “if women want equality, then we can punch them” it´s so sad and disgusting to hear it because it already happen. Every day, at any hour a woman is beaten up by a man and the only thing people assume is that maybe she did something, she deserves it. Like us, men do have certain stereotype, but punch a woman in any situation make you a coward. And to any men that think that that quote is a valid argument you can´t hit nobody, it's against the law.

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There are men that when you explain to them what feminism really is, they realize that they are feminist. Sadly, a man being openly feminist, at least in my country, is questioned all the time by women considered “feminist” that didn´t allow him to be part of the movement and men that consider him a traitor of the gender or discredit him saying that he is only feminist to win over girls.

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I honestly don´t understand how everybody boast about freedom of expression and at the same time criticize and put down feminist because of their beliefs. If you are against feminism, it´s okay, you decided what to believe, but if there´s something that you don´t have a choice is to respect others.

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Frau Neuer
Frau Neuer