Hello hearters!

After my last article some of you have contact me, asking for advices, a thing that made me really happy and that made me realize thet everyone needs help. I am not an expecialist, or a doctor, so all I can give you are some advices and maybe tell you some of my stories, so you could understand how bad is life (and people).

Feel always free to contact me If you need advices, or just need a friend to talk to

So in this article I will make a list with some advices to survive teenage years, hope you enjoy and hope this will help you.

➳Most of the People you met are just "temporary", they will leave you.

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This is an image I made and posted back in 2015

➳ Most of the people want to use you, try to understand that before it's too late

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Some people are really mean, stay away from them

➳It's not a bad thing to stay by yourself

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Sometimes you just need to think, or to cry, alone

➳If you don't like how people see you, change your style

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I made an article about that

➳Everyone is going though something, just like you

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Be careful

➳NOBODY it's perfect

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No one have a perfect life, so don't wish you were him/her, because everyone have some problems, they just hide them very well

➳Your body it's gonna be fine

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If you feel insecure about your body, remember that you are growing, one day your body will be how it has to be, instead of being ashemed of it, try to valorize your good points. Oh and remember that we are beautiful because we are different!

➳Your parents are just trying to help

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They really love you more than anyting, you have just to understand that. And your mother will be the only friend that you can trust. But remember they are human beings too so they make mistakes. And one day they won't be there anymore. Be greatful.

➳The world if full of guys, if it was not meant to be, there is a reason

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A guy will not be your death, they are not that important, you are the queen, if he doesn't want you, well, bad for him

➳Stay in school, guys

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Really the biggest mistake you could make it's to leave school. So many of my friends have quitted school, and now are no one, just staying at home and asking their parents for money. For me this is so desgusting.

And that'it girls!

Remember to stay strong, because you are all the queens of your own story.

See you in next article? Bye!

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