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today, i will be sharing some tips you can use to help you take the perfect picture.


the lighting is probably the most important thing. if you get the lighting right it can really transform your photo. try experimenting with shadows and different light sources to find out which one suits you the best.

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*・゚✧ use a broad light source. The broader the light source, the softer the light coming out of it.
*・゚✧ place your light source close to your subject.
*・゚✧ include shadows for a three-dimensional look.
*・゚✧ keep the colour temperature in mind while shooting.

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your photographer obviously has to have some knowledge of using a camera or even a phone! but most importantly your photographer should be someone you feel comfortable around.

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if your not comfortable with the photographer it really shows through your photos. so ask a friend or anyone who puts you at ease. it's also a good idea to show the photographer some photos beforehand so they have an idea of the kind of photos you want to take.

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the background

this is a very important part of taking the perfect picture as it will set the whole tone of your photo.

you want to make sure the background is interesting but at the same time you don't want to take the attention away from you or whoever the photo is being taken of.

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*・゚✧ give your subject some distance.
*・゚✧ crop in tight.
*・゚✧ create a balance.
*・゚✧ change your point of view.
*・゚✧ use a longer lens.
*・゚✧ frame your subject.

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different angles can completely change your photo and give it a whole new effect. whether that be shooting from the height of your subject, tilting the camera, including interesting reflections or shadows. experiment and find new perspectives to transform your photos.

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your pose

this can often make or break your photo. we all overthink how we are going to pose and it ends up looking awkward and unnatural. probably the biggest tip is to one i have already mentioned and that would be to have a photographer who you feel comfortable around.

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try some actionshots, flipping your hair, looking away from the camera and experiment with lots of different poses to find which one looks the best for you.

*・゚✧ pose the hair.
*・゚✧ pull the chin forward.
*・゚✧ lift the arm.
*・゚✧ leave visual space by the waist.
*・゚✧ turn the shoulders. ...

most of all just have fun and enjoy yourself because if you feel good it will shine through your photo and in the end, it is just a picture♡

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love always.

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