「Name」: Hinata Shimizu

☀ From Japanese 日向 (hinata) meaning "sunny place", 陽向 (hinata) meaning "toward the sun".
☀ From Japanese 清 (shi) meaning "clear, pure, clean" and 水 (mizu) meaning "water".

「Nicknames」: Mizu, Nata, Zuzu pet, ShimiShimi

「Nationality」: Japanese

「Age」: 16 almost 17

「Birthday」: 9th March 2002

「Zodiac Sign」: Pisces

「Height」: 5'2 (158 cm)


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❁ Short brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin ❁


☀ Very Weird
☀ Friendly
☀ Cares more about others
☀ Shy
☀ Super nice and kind
☀ Always tries to please others


clothes, aesthetic, and casual image casual, clothes, and korean fashion image asian fashion, asian girl, and casual image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
☀ casual and girly style ☀ random light colors ☀

☀ Reading
☀ Sleeping
☀ Watching TV shows
☀ Hanging out with friends and family
☀ Playing with Kyoto

☀ Geeky things
☀ BD and Comics
☀ Her cat Kyoko
☀ Her friends and family
☀ Marvel and DC comics

☀ Ballons
☀ School
☀ Sports


☀ Dad ( Art's professor )

☀ Doesn't know who her mother is


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☀ Ayame ☀ Emika ☀ Azuna ☀


「Pets」: Cat named Kyoko

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