Hey everybody!
So, here's my second post today, which I decided to be: 10 things to do in December. This inspired me to listen to Christmas Music too. So, let's see it:

  • 1. Make Gingerbread cookies
christmas, Cookies, and food image Temporarily removed
  • 2. Ice Skating
ice skating, blue, and aesthetic image ice, sun, and winter image
  • 3. Have a Winter Photoshoot
girl, smile, and autumn image christmas, winter, and cold image
  • 4.Fun day with my Girl Squad
sunset, friend goals, and bff goals image girl, friends, and bath image
  • 5.Have a Snowball Fight
snow, winter, and aesthetic image winter, christmas, and snow image
  • 6.Read 3 Books
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  • 7. Buy all of the Christmas Presents
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  • 8. Visit a Christmas Market
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  • 9. Marathon Christmas Movies
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  • 10.Listen to Chrismas Music
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That was for today. I hope you all enjoyed it.
I'll write tomorrow,until then,
Kisses and Bye,