I've been working out on & off for a long time, but I'm really trying to get into it again, since i'm trying to lose some weight and gain some muscle then.

Mon: Legs & Back 🏋️

Complete 2 sets:
8 Weighted Squats
12 Side Kicks (each leg)
8 Weighted Lunges (each leg)
12 Glute Bridges
12 Donkey Kicks (each leg)
15 Calf Raises
Complete 3 sets:
8 Upright Dumbbell Row
12 Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press
8 Dumbbell Lateral Raise
8 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
12 Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension
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💭 Tip: If u don't have any dumbbell on hand, u can use waterbottles.
⚠️ Note: U don't have to do this with weights at all, u can only do these movements, it will work just fine too if u have weak arms like I do.

Tue: Abs & Core 🤾

Complete 1 set of 2-minute abs and 2 sets of standing abs:
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2 minutes rest between sets.
⚠️ Note: I do only complete 1 set of the first one because I have spine issues, therefore those exercises on the floor hurt my back. U can make as many sets as u want!

Thu: Glutes & Quads 🚴

Complete 2 sets:
8 Squat to Overhead Press
6 Jumping Squats
12 Slow Mountain Climbers
8 Curtsy Lunges (each leg)
15 Glute Bridges
12 Donkey Kicks (each leg)
8 Fire Hydrants (each leg)
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Sat: Full Body ⛹️

Complete 3 sets:
15 Raised Arm Circles
12 Knee-to-Elbows (each side)
8 Squats
12 Punches (each side)
12 Twists (each side)
8 Knee Strikes (each leg)
8 Shoulder Taps (each arm)
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Rest Days: Wed, Fri, Sun
Repeat this workout again next week.

Xoxo, Mariana 💖