Hello, hello, hello, folks !
How are y'all doing ? It's been such a long time, but I'm back (not sure for how long tho lol, but I have a few articles planned out that should be coming n the next two weeks). So, today I'm back with another 'If I Were...' article, and this time it's about Riverdale ! All credits to the original article of course. So here we go with myself as a Riverdale character (who is very similar to me). Enjoy !

✧ Name ✧

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Eshe Richard, Eshe means life, and Richard is a french last name

✧ Age ✧

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nearly 16, i'm very young for someone in senior year, yes !

✧ Appearance ✧

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small, thick bih, metis, coily hair, dark brown eyes, stylish

✧ Personnality ✧

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introvert and creative, i'm a v good friend if people make the first move, very chill, shy but know who i am and how to express that, not afraid to experience new things, very gay (truly nonbinary and pansexual, but you know, gay culture)

✧ Fave place in Riverdale ✧

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pop's because love the aesthetic and people are nice there

ù✧ Best Friend(s) ✧*

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actually good friend with everyone (Jug, Betty, Ronnie, Arch, Cheryl, Toni, Kevin and Josie) ! i know how to adapt myself to the people i'm around and love each one for different reasons ! have a tiny preference for Cheryl tho.

✧ Hobbies ✧

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drawing and writing articles, anything that comes to fashion (designing outfits, buying and wearing cool stuff, making clothes, photoshoots,...)

✧ Backstory ✧

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orphen, french, adopted by a nice american family here in riverdale because my parents were killed in a mass shooting, skipped to grades back in france before moving to the us so that's why i'm so young

Annnnd, that's it for today you guys, hope you liked it, and I'll see you next week !

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Love, always.