Diary entry of Maxxie with two x's

Forever. What does it even mean?

If forever means that i’d live as long as the time goes by and over, then what would there be to live for? You watch generations after generations end up dead. I might fall for them at first sight or in the first millennials but i think it would probably wear off. I’d start thinking after a few decades what can i do for these people that i love? What is there for me to do? A lot. What is there that i could do? Not as much. The only limits you’re giving to yourself are your imagination and capability.

But the question’s not ’who wants to live forever’ but ’why would you want to live forever’. Why would someone never want to die? I mean it’d be kind of awesome but fearful to own that kind of power. Never being able to die. I don’t think if i’d want that. All things around you would die eventually and the view your looking is going to look very much different in a couple ten years. And you’d be able to see the change, even if somebody else couldn’t. You’d be able to say, let’s say to a stranger, that there used to be a coffee shop full of very bad coffee, but me and my friends would still be there. Every Monday. Complaining about the day we’ve had, even if it wasn’t even that bad, we always exaggerated the tales a little bit. To make it look like it was miserable, unbearable, because after all… it was Monday and the whole week was still ahead of us.

Me, Bean, Lollie and Rex had always been best friends since, what? third grade? I don’t even remember… But what a life i’ve lived, that’s all i can say… Would i change all that for a piece of forever? Would i want to forget them? Those dumbasses who made me laugh in a quiet church in the middle of a preach’s big speak? Saved me from being all alone through all of high school? Never leaving by my side and not even reconsidering for a heart beat about coming with me to China for an exchange program? Even the thought of it makes me sick. I could never buy limitless lives for the price of my piece little piece of forever. Never.

We go to the other side all holding hands or we don’t go at all. We wait for each other to come at the gates of heaven or hell, depends on who we’re talking ’bout here.

Imma leave my TED-talk in here thanx so muchie..

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